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Anaconda is centrally located in the heart of Southwest Montana. While outdoor opportunities such as hiking, fishing, skiing and biking are in Anaconda’s back yard, the community is a half-hour from Butte, and about two hours from Missoula and Bozeman – all larger cities that offer metropolitan conveniences.

Anaconda is welcoming and accommodating to new businesses. It is an open-door community where people are always willing to help out and find better paths to do business.


Anaconda is a copper-smelting boom town founded in the late 1800s. Copper that was mined in Butte was processed in Anaconda, and the community grew up around those jobs. Anaconda’s blue-collar roots and melting-pot culture have helped create a colorful, tightly knit community. The historic smokestack, which greets visitors entering town from the east, breaks the sky-line as a locally beloved icon for days gone by.

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