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The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Weed Control Department protects and preserves the agricultural, recreational, wildlife habitat, and natural areas of the County from the degrading impact of exotic and invasive noxious weeds. A noxious weed is defined as “any exotic plant species that may render land unfit for agriculture, forestry, livestock, wildlife or other beneficial uses, or that may harm native plant communities.”

This is achieved by:

  • coordinating spraying between County, State, Federal and private landowners, issuing non compliance letters, enforcing State Weed Laws;
  • assisting landowners with sprayer calibration and herbicide information;
  • distribution of biological control agents;
  • writing and administering weed grants;
  • ordering herbicides;
  • completing all State required reports;
  • writing and updating the County Noxious Weed Plan;
  • inspecting subdivisions; and
  • inspecting noxious weed seed free forage.

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Before construction or disturbance begins, please complete and submit a copy of the Noxious Weed Management and Revegetation Plan (available online here) to the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Weed Control Office for review by the Board.
The Montana War on Weeds Project has an online noxious weeds in Montana identification tool and provides further education of noxious weed prevention.
Proper sprayer calibration is an extremely important step in the application of herbicides. Often, sprayers are not calibrated properly, which results in poor weed control from under application or crop damage from over application. In order to determine the proper amount of chemicals to add to a spray tank, the capacity of the spray tank must be established – i.e. one gallon vs 500 gallons. This document provides step-by-step instructions to determine the number of acres the pesticide mix in a tank will spray.
Michael Marker
Michael Marker County Weed and Cemetery Coordinator