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Class III Landfill

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Materials accepted at the Anaconda Deer Lodge County Landfill

Class III: Brick, dirt, concrete, rock, untreated lumber Compost: grass, leaves, straw, stock manure, tree limbs, cleaned Christmas trees, Recyclable metals including: appliances (with the exception of refrigerators and freezers), pipe, car parts, wire and auto batteries. (Please scroll down for more information on accepted materials.) Note: All loads brought to the Class III site will be inspected and any loads containing materials not accepted will be refused. Please have your disposal materials sorted into the following categories: Class III, Compost and Recyclable metals.

These wastes are characterized by their general inert nature and low potential for adverse environmental impacts.  For more information on the County’s Class III Landfill, please call the Landfill Office number at 563-7168 or the cell number of 560-3207.

A-DLC Class III Landfill

233 Landfill Road

Anaconda, MT 59711

Landfill Cell Phone OFFICE – (406) 563-7168

CELL  (406) 560-3207

Operating Hours:

Monday – Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

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$4.00 per passenger tire and light truck tire

$36.00 per cubic yard of sliced or shredded large truck tires and sliced or shredded heavy equipment tires

Household Waste

Refrigerators and freezers

Painted or varnished wood or particle board

Painted concrete or bricks

Latex or Oil Based Paint

Septic tanks

Lumber must be untreated: unvarnished, unpainted, no plywood or particle board.

Tree stumps are accepted. The majority of dirt must be removed from the stump.

Tree limbs of any length will be accepted.

Painted concrete or bricks will not be accepted.

Fence pipes, wire or rebar must be cut off flush with the concrete.

Metal items are accepted for recycling as long as the item is at least 65% metal.

Various Appliances.

50 gallon drums must be open at one end, with no sign of petroleum products.

Motorcycles must have the tank and seat removed. Tires may stay on the frame.

Snow machines must have the hood, gas tank, and seat removed.

Motorcycle, ATV and automobile batteries will be accepted as long as they show no sign of leakage and are not cracked. (Please give batteries to landfill staff)

For Disposal of Slag or mine waste – Contact ADLC Superfund Department at 406-563-7476.

For Asphalt – Contact the ADLC Road Department at 406-563-4072.

Household & Commercial Garbage Services


Acceptable Items: Household furniture, mattresses, carpet and similar large items. Please, nothing with glass.

Not Accepted: Commercial items or waste, refrigerators, freezers, demolition waste, electronic waste, paint or liquid waste & glass of any kind.

The above listed items must be taken to the Butte-Silver Bow Landfill (with exception of refrigerators and freezers)

121074 North Browns Gulch Road

Butte, Montana 59701



Customers dropping off larger items, must be able to unload items without assistance from landfill staff.

If you are a business doing work in Anaconda, you must show proof of a current business license. To obtain a business license, phone the Planning Department at (406) 563-4010

All items brought to the ADLC Landfill may be accepted or rejected at the Landfill Managers discretion.