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The Planning Department strives to sustain and improve the health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the citizens of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County and to plan for the future development of the community.

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ADLC is now updating the 2010 Growth Policy, and we want YOU to help us identify the issues and priorities that the growth policy should address. What do YOU think should done about economic development and job creation? Infrastructure? Housing? Natural resources? Land use and development? This is YOUR chance to tell us what you think. Please click on the link below—-the survey takes about five minutes to complete.

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Anaconda-Deer Lodge County is currently updating the Development Permit System. The Draft Final DPS is available for review in the Planning Documents page. Last updated in 1992, the focus of this update includes:

  • revising for better clarity and completeness;
  • simplifying review procedures;
  • examining general standards for relevance;
  • exploring development standards for outlying planning districts;
  • proposing county-wide environmental standards;
  • incorporating institutional controls into development standards for Smelter Overlay District;
  • designing neighborhood conservation/preservation standards; and
  • integrating Planned Industrial Districts.
Ordinance No. 208, the Big Hole River Conservation Development Standards and Permitting Process, ensures the preservation of orderly development along the Big Hole River through the establishment of standards and a permitting process for new construction and the transaction of such business; thereby, protecting the quality of the river corridor and its natural resources.
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