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Disaster and Emergency Services (DES)

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The Department of Disaster and Emergency Services coordinates with a diverse coalition of local, state, and national agencies and organizations involved in emergency planning, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation during local or national disasters.

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The A-DLC Hazard Mitigation Plan (available here) addresses twenty-one major hazards – identified through a collaborative planning process – with respect to risk and vulnerabilities county-wide.
The A-DLC Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) establishes the system which organizes the County’s response to emergencies and disasters in a manner that provides for the safety and welfare of its citizens. Download the complete A-DLC EOP here.
The Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for Anaconda-Deer Lodge County was developed through a contract with the Headwaters Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc. The CWPP (available here) is a management plan ensuring the protection of lives, homes, businesses, and essential infrastructure from wildfire with appropriate consideration for other community values.


William M. Converse
William M. ConverseDisaster and Emergency Services Coordinator
William M. Converse is the retired Anaconda Fire Chief, having 33 of years experience in structure firefighting and Haz-Mat.

Martin Mavrinac | Assistant Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator