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Anaconda Deer Lodge County Long Term Transportation Plan

ADLC is conducting a long-term transportation planning process through 2018 and will be looking for community input in the coming months.  Below the comment options is some background and information to get you prepared.  Your comments are needed to shape this plan. Please share your thoughts on what needs to be fixed in Anaconda? (Safety, Parking, Speed, Road Conditions, Maintenance, Trails, Sidewalks, Lighting, etc.). Physical comment cards can be filled out at the Smelter City Senior Citizens Center (Metcalf 115 East Pennsylvania).

Two options for Comments:

Interactive map for the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County (ADLC) Multimodal Long Range Transportation Plan (MLRTP).


Comment Purpose

The purpose of inviting the public to comment is to inform the project team about issues or concerns important to the public. It also allows the public to help shape the development and outcome of the project. Each comment received is reviewed by the project team members and becomes part of the project’s official public record. For your comment to be of value to the project team, please be sure it contains ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or experiences that relate to the outcome of this project.

Comment Acceptance Policy

We welcome all comments and questions about the project from members of the public. Comments not related to project issues or those that contain rude or slanderous language may be moderated by project staff.

Privacy Policy

No anonymous comments will be accepted. The full comment, with personal identifiers, is part of the official project record and is subject to freedom of information requests. This information will be used solely by the project team for project purposes, such as responses to questions, project statistics, and project mailings.

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