Institutional Controls

Institutional Controls are non-engineered instruments, such as administrative and legal controls, that help minimize the potential for human exposure to contamination and/or protect the integrity of the remedy. Within the Anaconda Smelter National Priority List Site, Institutional Controls will:

  • As development occurs at the site, implement the remediation of soil arsenic and lead contamination to levels appropriate for the intended use, as determined by Superfund remedial actions
  • Assure that future land and water use at the site is consistent with Environmental Protection Agency’s determination of the health and environmental risks posed by contaminants left on site
  • Provide for implementation of other laws applicable to development, such as subdivision and floodplain requirements
  • Provide for the preservation and maintenance of Superfund re-mediated areas, including but not limited to engineered caps, covers, storm water conveyances, water storage areas and reclaimed areas
  • Provide information and notice to the public (users or potential users of land or groundwater) to ensure that they do not permanently disturb or damage re-mediated areas
  • Require that future development at the site employ construction practices that are consistent with the protection of public health and the environment, as determined by Superfund remedial actions