Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is an elected position. Elected in 2017, Bill Everett is the current CEO. The CEO is elected by a plurality vote on a non-partisan ballot for a four-year term.


The duties for CEO include:

  • The Chief Executive shall act as the representative of the government, with the recorded approval of a majority of the Commission, in all matters affective and fixing the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the government.
  • The Chief Executive shall be responsibility for the negotiations of contracts with employees of the government but such contracts shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.
  • The Chief Executive shall account for all funds of the government and shall submit to the Commission monthly reports on the financial condition of the government.
  • The Chief Executive shall be responsible for the performance of the written obligations of the government incurred by the Commission. 
  • In the event of an emergency affecting the life, health or safety of the people of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, the Chief Executive, except as otherwise provided by law, shall declare an emergency and perform all acts necessary for the protection of the people.  
  • The Chief Executive may assign any employee of the government to any department which requires the services of that employee, provided that such assignment does not conflict with the provisions of the personnel system or the Charter.
  • The Chief Executive may prescribe rules and regulations for the conduct and operation of administrative departments and he/she may revoke, suspend, or amend any rule or regulation, by whomever prescribed, unless provided for by Charter, Ordinance or Resolution of the Commission.
  • The Chief Executive may appoint committees of government employees for considering and resolving administriative propblems.