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The Chief Executive Officer is an elected position. Elected in 2017, Bill Everett is the current CEO.   The CEO is elected by a plurality vote on a non-partisan ballot for a four (4) year term.  The duties for CEO include:

  • informing the County Commissioners of the state of governmental affairs;
  • enforcing laws, ordinances, and resolutions;
  • Carry out policies established by the Commission and perform other assignments as required by the Commission;
  • prepare Commission agenda’s and attend all Commission meetings;
  • Prepare budget to the Commission for approval and execute the budget adopted by Commission;
  • recommending measures to improve governmental operations and conditions within the city-county;
  • negotiating contracts with employees of the local government, subject to Commission approval;
  • accounting for all funds of the government and submits repots on the financial conditions of the government to the Commission; and
  • hiring and managing employees of the local government.

Bill Everett, Anaconda-Deer Lodge County CEO, can be reached at 406-563-4000 or via e-mail at BEverett@adlc.us.

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Employee acknowledges that, as required by the ADEA and OWBPA, County has provided him/her with adequate notice of the ERIP (accessible through the website https://adlc.us or copy upon request from the County Human Resources Office):

(I)        the eligibility criteria for participation in the Plan, the categories of employees covered by the Plan, and the time limits applicable for electing to participate in the Plan;

(ii)        the job title and age of all employees eligible for the Plan; and

(iii)       the job title and age of all full-time employees who are not eligible for the Plan, who are in the same job title as eligible employees.

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Application to ADLC

Separation Agreement to ADLC

A-DLC Municipal Code
Special Events Permit

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Bill T. Everett
Bill T. EverettChief Executive Officer
Heather EdwardsCEO Executive Assistant